Dessert Photography

This project was my first experience in food photography, mainly, desserts photography. In food photography, light is the most important element. You make sure you have enough light to show all the details, and create beautiful, effective shadow and depth.

A Conceptual Ad

My conceptual ad is about The Culture of Silence in the workplace and how to deal with it, Sexual misconduct in the workplace should not be accepted under any circumstance. Women should have the power to protect themselves and to say that their body is not a commodity, they speak out loud and defend themselves against all kinds of sexual misbehaviour. 

Fashion Photography

Michael Kors is one of my favourite brands, so I chose to make my fashion ad on one of its products. Michael Kors bags are for women who like this type of handbags, classy and nicely designed, and nice colours, and they can be worn to work or for visits.