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January 30, 2021 By Lama Alnaem

What’s distinct about the Corpse Flower?

It is unique, huge, and it smells like rotten meat when it blooms, yet people from all around the world want to see it. That’s the Corpse Flower, or “Amorphophallus titanum”, or Titan Arum, one of the most prominent plants in the plant kingdom. This flower is native to Indonesia, usually, it takes about a decade to bloom, which makes it one of the rarest plants in the world. Therefore, whenever this happens, it is a remarkable event that people don’t want to miss. The good news is that the Corpse Flower here at RBG is going to bloom soon, you may want to be the first one to come and see it.

The Corpse Flower in Royal Botanical Gardens

A few Corpse plants have bloomed in Canada; maybe four or five. Luckily, we are expecting our Corpse Flower to bloom any minute for the first time in seven years, and of course, lots of visitors will flock in to see the largest flower in the world. Once you get there, you will see the flower standing in its glass conservatory. Its beautiful colors and strange texture make it stand out among other plants, just like a masterpiece. This is one big event that families, students, horticulturalists, photographers, and many other people have been waiting for, and we would like you to join them.

A weird plant, yet it is attractive

You may wonder why such a beautiful plant has this strong odor. Interestingly, it smells bad for us, but it smells good for insects that eat dead meat because it smells just like that. Therefore, while visitors will be waiting to see and smell the Corpse Flower, it will be waiting for insects to lay their eggs and help it get pollinated and accordingly reproduce.

It takes time to bloom, but it puts its head down fast

Whereas the Corpse Flower takes roughly 7 to 10 years, its blooming time is relatively short. Generally, it begins to open between mid-afternoon and late evening, and once it is fully open, it lasts for 24 to 36 hours. Make sure you free up some time and get prepared for an unforgettable visit to our Corpse flower at Royal Botanical Gardens. Watch this video of the flower blooming:

Corpse Flower Timelapse Video: Chicago Botanic Garden

The Corpse Flower isn’t a fan of house gardens

The Corpse Flower is a vulnerable plant because it needs certain conditions to grow. It requires particular temperature, humidity, light, and water. Due to its size and its smell, it is unreasonable to grow in a home garden. Instead, botanical gardens, and RBG is one of them, take the responsibility for planting this flower. They make sure to provide all necessary elements for the flower to grow throughout the years until it gets to the point where it blooms. For this reason, being in the right place at the right time to see it in bloom can be a once-in-a-lifetime treat, Don’t miss it.

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