In love with photography and videography

Photography is a huge passion of mine. I’ve always loved looking at portraits and trying to picture the studio space, analyze the position of the model, the settings of the lights, editing and everything else that goes into producing a beautiful image. For me, nature itself serves as an incredible source of inspiration-like a charming chameleon that changes its colours with every season.

Videography is another story, going through the journey from choosing the topic, developing ideas, building up a story, and working on it step by step. Filming and creating a video that tells your story is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have. With each video, I only continue to feel inspired.

Playing around with the position of the subject and the lighting makes an unbelievable difference. I tried it myself. It’s incredible how lighting enables you to look into details and find the beauty in everything and everyone. The more pictures you take and the more videos you make, the more secrets of beauty you uncover. It’s like a deep ocean that is full of pearls.

Something interesting about me

I am a scriptwriter in Arabic as it is my mother tongue (I write them in English too!) Music is my first love and the inspiration for my work; I believe that the power of music is transformative, and many stories can be told through it.